Smart Shopping: Simmons Electric Drums Review 

Smart Shopping: Simmons Electric Drums Review 

Simmons is one of the oldest manufacturers of electronic drums, and over the years it has managed to develop a range of high-quality products both for professional and amateur players. However, in recent years, the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set has grown as one of the most popular major picks from Simmons, and looking at the wide range of quality features, it’s clear that the drum set is among some of the very best on the market.

The overall design of the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set is very simple, and the kit also features quality cymbal and drums pads. The set has also been highly enhanced in term of strength and durability and offers better versatility for players who may want to experience a wider range of sound effects. The SD7PK Electronic Drum Set has been quite a popular option for many beginner and professional players and is today rivaling the best of the best in the electronic drum set sector.

If you have yet to make a decision about whether to go for Simmons or not, here is a full Simmons electric drums review to help you weigh the pros and cons after you understand this model better.

Simmons SD7PK Electronic Drum Set

Key Features of the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set

The SD7PK Electronic Drum Set has a number of premium features that make it distinct from other major brands in the market. You can purchase it online for about $500. Here are some of the major attributes that enhance this electronic drum set:

  • The drum module comes with 300 different acoustic and drum percussion sounds
  • 20 pre-set drum kits and another 30 programmable kits for the user
  • Features stereo line outputs that can be used for headphones
  • MIDI ports for computer and other connections
  • Features one crash cymbal pad and one snare drum pad
  • Strong hi-hat controller pedal
  • One kick-drum stand with pad
  • A strong, supportive frame and rack
  • Versatile playing options and features
  • Lightweight for easy portability

The Pros

One of the main factors that sets the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set apart from some of its main competitors is the outright versatility it offers players. The drum set comes with over 300 acoustic and percussive sounds complemented by 20 factory-preset kits and up to 30 programmable user kits so you can upload your own sounds to use. The drum set gives players great options in customizing playing so it’s in line with their own preferences. The diversity of the sounds and the customization features it has are some of the best among the top drum set brands on the market. Additionally, the drum set features a light-yet-sturdy aluminum rack, which is not only strong but also increases the set’s compactness.

In case you’re looking for a drum set for tours and live shows, the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set is surely among the best in terms of portability. The MIDI port is something worth mentioning as well. The MIDI port allows connectivity to other devices, including computers and external storage, so you can save beats and add unique sounds. The SD7PK Electronic Drum Set is one of the cheapest drum kits on the market for this level of quality as well. When you compare the overall cost of the drum set to those of other major brands, the difference is quite huge, sometimes by more than $1,000. So in case your priority is to spend as little as possible without compromising the quality of the drum set you buy, then the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set is sure to satisfy you.

The Cons

One of the biggest challenges players face with the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set is the quality of the sound. Although you can use the MIDI port to add in some effects, the quality is not as realistic as what you can get from brands like Yamaha or Roland. Additionally, the 20 preset factory kits for playing may offer versatility, but even then, you can still get other electronic drum sets that offer up to 50 or more preset drum kits and many more than 30 user-programmable kits. The drum set may also not work well in live performances unless you are able to add in some effects through the MIDI port. This will mostly apply for people who play metal or hard rock music. While the response of the pads is also worth noting, it still has to do some catching up with top brands that are using innovative technologies to offer better response and sensitivity.

The Verdict

The SD7PK Electronic Drum Set gets full marks for the price and the innovative features that make it a better choice compared to so many other brands on the market. However, if you’re looking for extreme, quality sound, then you may want to consider buying other relatively better (and sadly more expensive) brands. The quality of sound the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set offers is not ideal without additional effects, and if this sounds like too much trouble for you, then it’s best to look elsewhere.

Other than that, the drum set is a very good option, especially for intermediate players who are looking for a low-cost drum set for practice and small, low profile gigs. It’s also very easy to transport to different locations for practicing. However, if you can get the right effects through the MIDI connection, there is no reason why you cannot play the SD7PK Electronic Drum Set in a live concert. Overall, the drum set offers the best choice for people on a tight budget and has a number of features that match costlier brands.


The SD7PK Electronic Drum Set is definitely a better low-cost electronic drum set, but there are also some good options that you can explore if you have other needs you want met. To begin with, the Alesis DM10X Kit Premium Electronic Drum Set is a good option. The drum set matches the SD7PK in so many ways, but it has better sensitivity and includes more than 1,000 uncompressed sounds. The Alesis model costs about $1,000, however. If you’re more into quality drum sets that offer better premium features, then you can consider the Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set. Although the price is of course relatively higher at $1,800, the drum set is by far the epitome of impeccable design and remarkable features. You can add more than 50 of your own user-created effects, and the build is higher quality as well to make the set stand up better to hard playing. Despite this, you’ll have a difficult time finding a comparable model that performs as well as the Simmons for the low price.


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